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Investment comment - April 2014

Sushi lovers may have taken fright in the opening months of 2014 at the prospect of 'peak salmon', which echoed the debate in the last decade about 'peak oil'.

inPerspective - March 2014

This edition includes articles on how to reconcile a charity's principles with its investment aspirations, pooled and segregated investing for charities, an introduction to our responsible investment team, plus the launch of two new multi-asset funds for charities.

Investing responsibly: fathoming directors' pay in the UK - February 2014

New regulations give shareholders the right to vote on directors' remuneration. We look at the impact of these changes and their potential to affect both companies and investors, and we explain the approach of our responsible investment team to voting on behalf of our clients.

Finding the right mix - February 2014

Paul Brain, leader of our Fixed Income team, explores how long-term bond investors may seek to overcome challenges associated with a new financial world order.

inPerspective - January 2014

Welcome to the January 2014 edition of inPerspective, Newton's newsletter for the UK institutional market.

Investment comment - January 2014

The future of the 'helicopter' policymaking of the world's leading central banks preoccupied investors during the closing weeks of 2013.

The Twilight Zone - Global bonds and currencies - December 2013

Fantasy, experiments, suspense and unexpected twists. TV or bond markets?

Pooled and segregated investing for charities - November 2013

In this article, we look at the differences between pooled and segregated investment approaches, and explore the implications of each for charities.

inPerspective - October 2013

Welcome to the October 2013 edition of inPerspective, Newton's newsletter for the UK institutional market.

inPerspective - October 2013

This edition showcases articles on sustainable withdrawal rates and active versus passive investment, a guest article by Ann Phillips of Stone King LLP and an interview with Andrew Pitt, Newton's Head of Charities.

Investment comment - October 2013

Big numbers abounded during the summer, none more so than the $85 billion of monthly bond-buying to which the Federal Reserve remained committed.

Lords of Finance - Global bonds and currencies - August 2013

The Lords of Finance are back in control again. Paul Brain analyses the effect of central bank decision making on global bond markets.

inPerspective - July 2013

Welcome to the July 2013 edition of inPerspective.

Perspectives on gold - July 2013

Iain Stewart assesses the rationale for having some exposure to gold in investment portfolios, and explains why we continue to regard gold as a useful asset in hedging risks of both inflation and deflation.

36 views on Japan - July 2013

Our investment team provides an overview of their current views on investment in Japan.

An interview with Jeff Munroe - July 2013

We interview Jeff Munroe, our Global Equity Investment Leader. He shares his views on the global investment landscape and explains what impact certain events may have on global equities.

Investment comment - July 2013

Parties have a habit of falling flat when the bar runs dry and the music is turned down. The announcement by the US central bank towards the end of May that it intended to slow the rate of its bond purchases was received in some quarters, therefore, with about as much enthusiasm as the arrival of the police at a rave.

Sell (bonds) in May and go away? - Global bonds and currencies - May 2013

Seasonal patterns for the last four years have suggested a period of economic slowdown during the middle two quarters of the year, bringing about a corresponding decline in government bond yields and a drop in risk asset prices. This time, though, it might be different.

inPerspective - April 2013

Welcome to the April 2013 edition of inPerspective, Newton's newsletter for the UK institutional market.

Thematic investing - an update - April 2013

At Newton, we believe our use of themes is invaluable in helping us to gain perspective on the important risks and opportunities in investment markets.

Investment comment - April 2013

Unlike Shakespeare's Othello, who suffered "savage madness" while stationed in Cyprus, investors (if measures of stock-market volatility are anything to go by) appeared largely unfazed by events on the Mediterranean island, the setting for the latest flare-up in the eurozone debt crisis.

Cyprus and making sense of recent currency moves - March 2013

Another late-night meeting over a weekend resulted in a last-minute deal for Cyprus. The best that can be said about it is that it is better than the one the previous weekend, but the side effects may still be worrying over the longer term.

Our Asian equity team leader Jason Pidcock remains wary of China's demographics

Jason Pidcock looks at the impact of our population dynamics investment theme on the economic prospects of the Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) region, and gives an outlook for the coming months.

Comparing conflicts: the Hundred Years' War versus deleveraging - February 2013

At first glance, perhaps there is little in common between the Hundreds Years' War between France and England and the current deleveraging phase in financial markets. We are certainly not going to suggest that they will be measured over the same time frame, but there are some similarities we can identify and analogies we can draw.

Why now is no time to go passive - February 2013

Against a backdrop of deleveraging (debt reduction) in much of the developed world, we anticipate lower returns and greater volatility in financial markets in the years ahead. We believe these characteristics count strongly against passive approaches to investment.

inPerspective - January 2013

Welcome to the January 2013 edition of inPerspective, Newton's newsletter for the UK institutional market.

An investor's guide to financial repression - January 2013

The actions of policymakers to avert the worst possible consequences of the global credit crisis of 2007 amount, we assert, to a form of 'financial repression', interfering with the free-market pricing of debt and currencies.

An interview with Dennis Turner - January 2013

Dennis Turner is former chief economist of HSBC. He spoke at our annual investment conference in November, and we caught up with him again at the beginning of the year to ask him about the outlook for the global economy.

Financial-market prospects in 2013 and beyond - January 2013

At our annual investment conference in November 2012, Simon Pryke, our chief investment officer, and Charles French, our global financials analyst, presented a session entitled A perspective on returns, which brought up to date the ideas we discussed in our paper of the same title at the beginning of 2012. In this article, we provide a summary of the session and explain why we believe a new perspective is required on investment risk and return. We explore the distortions we believe are inherent in financial markets and their implications for investors.

The case for a real-return, multi-asset investment approach - January 2013

Investors may benefit amid challenging investment conditions from a sensibly diversified and transparent strategy, with a focus on real rather than index-relative returns.

Investment comment - January 2013

When the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, was released in October, and in the same month Felix Baumgartner free-fell from the edge of space to become the first skydiver to break the speed of sound, investors may have wondered what omens were being sent.

The myth of the bond vigilante - Global bonds and currencies - January 2013

Since the credit crisis in 2007, equity markets have started each new year with optimism about economic prospects, prompting calls for the mythical "bond vigilantes" to show their colours by dumping government bonds.